callie44 (callie44) wrote in haverford,

questions from a prospective student

i'm callie,
and i applied regular decision for the class of 2010.
i'm anxiously awaiting decision letters, and haverford is towards the top of my list. definitely a reach school though.

so in the meantime i figured i'd ask some questions (or just write my ramblings)... just in case ya know i got accepted. ekk!

unfortunately, i haven't been able to visit haverford (i live overseas). how key do you think the visit is... did it change your impression of the school at all? if i get accepted i'm planning on visiting but i dont know if it'll work out..

does the student body ever feel too small? do haverford and bryn mawr feel like basically the same school? how often do people go into philly, and what all is there to do there?

this may seem like a bizarre question, but what do you HATE/dislike about haverford? i'm trying not to be swayed by all this college propaganda... i want to hear the negative aspects as well.

how does the honor code affect day-to-day life? is cheating practically non-existant (i hope?!).

what's a typical friday/saturday night? ..give me a general description of the student body. diverse?

does anybody know anything of debate and/or womens volleyball (intramural or intercollegiate)?

anything else you think i should know?

blah,blah. thank you much!!
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